We are specialised in Human Factors and Regulation training for maintenance personnel.
We can deliver basic and recurrent training sessions at your location with a wide flexibility to better suit to your operational needs.

Quality systems

We can carry out independent audits to your organisation or to your service provider to verify the compliance with the regulation and the contract.
We can carry out audit to aircraft in caso of sale, purchase, leasing.

Continuing airworthiness

We can carry out subcontracted continuing airworthiness tasks to help your organisation to react in case of peak. If you are an aircraft operator who needs to manage the continuing airworthiness of his aircraft, we can assist you with our experts, when you need and for the time you need.

Technical services

We are organised to carry out aircraft pre-buy inspections, we can prepare your company documentation (MOE, CAME, SMS, ) or we can simply find the righ service provider for your needs.
We can assist you during your aircraft heavy maintenance as technical representative.